Thursday, May 15, 2014

yes we have no aloha

if good fences make good neighbors...

Have you ever met someone with an aloha deficit who wants to move to Hawaii? Might I introduce you to my neighbor No-loha?

No-loha has never said hello over the fence, even though we can see each other over the fence, both front yard and back. Well, now actually we only see each other over the fence in the front yard because the clumping black Buddha bamboo planted last year along the wall in the backyard has reached epic proportions.

What I love best about this is the shade and privacy...but I also really enjoy how beautifully this bamboo performed; No-loha planted bamboo along her side of the fence last year as well and it hasn’t grown more then a foot.

Also, a peach tree was planted in the front yard this spring, and it just so happens that a tree in No-loha’s front yard died. Coincidence? Or have the plants chosen sides?

No-loha casually mentioned that she was thinking about a move to Hawaii. It is interesting that someone with little to no aloha would want to move to the aloha capital of the world; we do seek out our best teachers.

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