Saturday, October 15, 2011

the goats & chicken party

if local campers were interested in composing a cogent outline of possible goals specifically applicable to our region, smarty pants midtown lady muriel strand provides an excellent starting point. since we have to change The Dream to adapt to reality, our lifestyles will also have to change to reflect this reality, and mz. muriel's suggestions do just that-- accommodate reality and inherently create jobs. muriel strand made a bid for mayor but kj had home team advantage$. could day dream believers mobilize strategically to get a lady like muriel elected? 
* Invest in children-- nursing, nutrition, skills-- for elders' pensions.

* Actively support planting & use of tree crops, like pecans.

* Ban or tax nonrecyclable plastic take-out food containers.

* Tax lawns.

* Develop a few standard designs & streamlined permitting process for passive solar construction & renovation.

* Tax parking spaces.

*Delete oil subsidies.

*Convert parking lots to urban farms.

* Require traffic calming devices to be bicycle-friendly too.

* Require pedestrian walkways be adjacent to buildings or residential gardens rather than adjacent to parking & streets. have you ever walked from east sac to csus via carlson? at one point, peds are literally walking on the shoulder of a right turn lane; a cyclist has already died. right turn lame.

* Revise zoning codes to include inoffensive ways to keep chickens, rabbits, and goats in residential neighborhoods.

* make water treatment processes compete with bottled water.

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