Friday, September 02, 2011

food for thought

in yolo county, the ratio of farmers under the age of 35 to farmers over the age of 65 is 1:9. reader, farmers feed america but they can’t continue to feed everyone with these kinds of odds. if the human population is expected to increase, food production will also need to increase, but at 1:9, ya’ll might be going hungry.* we need food, not stuff.

if you like to eat, and/or you need to eat, thank a farmer or maybe even be a farmer.  or start small with some home grown tomaters and move up to a victory garden. then go be a farmer.

*maybe you could eat your babies.**
**g says this joke is not in keeping with the tone of catnip. he says an eating babies joke is not ladylike. i suggested that eating another lady's babies would be unladylike.

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