Monday, August 15, 2011

grown class lady things

a grown class lady thing to do is a blogHer conference. i went to the blogHer '11 conference in san diego and reader-- i met righteous social justice lady jehmu greene, she of rock the vote and women's media center fame. we met while standing in line for our free false eyelash application-- because you know what ladies of the blog all need? fake eyelashes. seriously, look at how doe eyed and ladylike our social justice is now:
mz. jehmu is not running for president, but i do think she should consider it at some point in her future. for now, she is rocking an iconic footwear fashion statement-- the cowboy boot*-- and holding down the line at fox news. mz. jhemu is also asking us to define american. 

thanks to jose antonio vargas, all his teachers**
and define american  for the youtube video.

*ah, the cowboy boot. because iconic, comfortable, terrain appropriate shoes are always advisable.
** an art teacher, by the way.

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