Wednesday, July 27, 2011

you're a woman now, lady.

the california milk processor board might consider watching this compelling and somewhat odd 70's era film about menstruation, provided with love from the los angeles county library. of course, they may do so with parental permission; those who cannot watch may go play tetherball or read quietly in the cafeteria.

is cow juice a curative remedy to pms, ladies? perhaps.* do you think the california milk processor board's ad was funny? perhaps not.** do you think they would sell you something that makes you sick, and then sell you some more to make you better? perhaps. perhaps. perhaps.

and   for the youtube video.

* ladies, an effective way to manage pms is to exercise. may we suggest a power walk?  exercise your right to be a selective dairy consumer.***   

**what a bunch of  tampons

***what if the hormones given to dairy cows contribute to pms? m'booooo

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