Wednesday, June 08, 2011

lady to love: wonder woman

thanks to chpoof for the youtube video.

lynda carter's wonder woman was the first kick ass lady i ever crushed on. at the tender age of 5, i admired the very impressive transformative powers of her spinning, the sassy red boots, the golden lasso of truth, plus the sweet-sweet soul singers and groovy disco beats. and how 'bout that invisible jet? some of the finest television. ever.

many gen x ladies might recall watching this show in wonder woman underoos, or perhaps watched the show and ached longingly for wonder woman underoos. it took some rather consistent campaigning on my part to score some underoos and since my mom was totally against polyester undergarments, i was only allowed to wear 'em while watching the show.

this particular version of wonder woman is glaringly inappropriate for young children (it was the late '70s).  note wonder woman's super sexy bustier, and as my husband said recently with a twinkle in his eye, "her crotch."

i was shocked. "i thought your mom was against television and you didn't have one until your uncle arnie hooked you up for your bar mitvah. how ever did you manage to see wonder woman's...crotch?"

a look of wistful satisfaction and delight crossed his face as he recalled the particulars of this regularly televised image. he said,"i would watch television at my friends' houses, and i have very clear memories of wonder woman's fact, i think her airplane was invisible just so you could see her crotch."

wonder woman's invisible jet, seen here over california's central valley.

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