Thursday, May 26, 2011

satoshi kanazawa is unattractive

sometimes a lady is forced to become uncivil, and although it is never advisable to name-call, every once in a while someone comes along and they can only be described as a poo hole. it is unfortunate. it really is.

reader, you are no stranger to the oppressive standards of beauty that plague western women. eating disorders. cosmetic surgery. the multi-billion dollar diet and beauty industry. y’know, the self loathing that follows most women around in the department store when we are trying to find a new swimsuit— you can always see self loathing better in fluorescent lighting and 3 way mirrors. we nurse our self-hatred every day and that’s what propels these indu$tries, and your guilt-fueled post-frozen-yogurt jogs. moreover, if you are not a white woman, then you are very aware of how these beauty standards are all wrapped up with racist legacies and preferences for what is white, cause whites al'right.

psychology today published some broke-down material by satoshi kanazawa. basically, this jive turkey thinks black women are the ugliest humans on earth, and he’s done the "research" to prove it. kanazawa says, "if what i say is wrong, then it is my problem. if what i say offends you, it is your problem."

here is my problem: once upon a time* i was the only black kid on my block. my neighborhood playmates and fellow barbie fanatics included one white girl and two mexican** sisters, none of whom owned anything other than white barbies. my black dad gave me black barbie for my birthday. she was wearing an on-trend red sparkly bob mackie inspired evening gown and her hair was curled tightly. even though black barbie looked exactly like white barbie, just the brown sugar version with curly hair, i quietly asked my white mother if i could get a different barbie. “what’s wrong with this one?” she asked.

“she’s ugly,” i said, “and i can’t play with her hair.”

my mother conveyed this message to my father, and in an instant i could see his heart break. i was uncomfortable with my own admission, but i was even more uncomfortable about the idea of showing up for a play session with black barbie. consider the cultural cues that exist in a society that has planted seeds of self hatred like this in a second grader.

in the post-colonial world, black women are usually poor women, and beauty takes money (see billion dollar diet and beauty industry, above. also, below. left, right. agh! it's everywhere!). why not say, at the very least, that [black] women are less attractive when they have fewer beauty dollars to spend? kanazawa should frame his study differently and suggest that black women are not effective consumers and are therefore u-g-l-y. we ain’t got no alibi. we poor. and poor is ugly.

mr. kanazawa sir, you are an inconsiderate pond poo'er and you're doing it wrong. beauty is on the inside (nanny mcphee) and/or in the eye of the beholder (skinny jeans). and we all know that regardless of race or ethnicity, poo'holes*** are never really all that attractive.

as a public service of love for black women, and all women really, please enjoy some india arie. and mz. arie, thank you for this medicine. also, dontcha love how mz. india rides off into the sunset on her bicycle?

thanks to IndiaArieVEVO for the youtube video.

* 1981
**"hispanic" barbie would be introduced a few years later. she wore a super ethnic flamenco ensemble, and had a fan in her hair. pretty sure we'll never see chicana barbie.****
***especially misdirected and hurtful poo holes who practice bad scholarship. please, use your elite education to attack poverty and the other ills of society,  and not black women.

****omg! mexican barbie 2013. she has papers.

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