Saturday, May 07, 2011

a lady sends a card.

planting seeds wherever we go...
i had to give my rhubarb plant away. it was growing nicely but rhubarb is super toxic to dogs; i have two dogs, and one is especially intent on experiencing his world orally. the plant was a birthday gift from one of my former students, so i feel like i have some personal interest in seeing that this particular rhubarb has a fighting chance in the world.

around the corner from our house, a lady gardener started a big giant vegetable garden. it's a super-sized-big-time victory garden, about the same size as a respectable suburban backyard swimming pool. this lady gardener is using a parcel of county land adjacent to her property; it would otherwise just be left to grow weeds and tics. i admire this lady's productive cultivation of the land, and i always enjoy a garden that is made visible to the public. as soon as i saw this lady’s not-so-secret garden, i decided to leave the plant with her.

the next day, i scribbled my name and address on the rhubarb's terra cotta pot with chalk, and took it with me on our walk. i left the potted rhubarb in her garden near the hose. it felt weird to be in someone’s garden uninvited, even if i was leaving a plant, so i set my intention: a glorious rhubarb crop and at least one homemade strawberry rhubarb pie this summer. i’ve since been informed that the rhubarb is doing well, and that my neighbor thinks it was very nice of me to give the plant away. how do i know this? because that lady gardener is in fact a lady—reader, she sent a card. 

a lady sends a card.

bonus points for ladylike handwriting.

i know, i know; it’s such a warm, well-mannered gesture. i think rosemarie and i are going to be swell lady gardener neighbor friends. plus, yay rhubarb.

what kind of seeds are you planting these days?