Sunday, May 15, 2011

his car is a bike.

"my car is a bike" by  stressmatic of the federation: the images are very encouraging, all those gorgeous bikes and beautiful urban everyday peoples. there is some fanciful language hip hop, so please don't blow off your top.

not only is riding a bike a fun, efficient mode of transportation, it is a great workout for one's cakes as well.

mz. nadia's car is a bike, too. she attended a high school situated in a low income neighborhood in sacramento, california that relies exclusively on city busses to get students to school. we all know that city busses have hiccups; sometimes they run a bit late, and this is often problematic for students. talk about stressmatic: chronic tardiness is bad business. also, what happens when the bus routes used by these students are eliminated due to "low ridership"? there are some tricky issues related to poverty and public education surrounding public transit, and school bus yellow bicycle dream is worth considering. midtown just launched a bike share program. local schools could bike share too. 

mz. nadia thinks students at her former high school would participate in a school bus yellow bicycle dream. she says, "...perhaps they would become more interested in bikes. maybe even sometime down the road offering a class in bike maintenance [at the high school] would be beneficial to the kids. so i guess what i'm trying to say is that back in the day...i would have been interested in biking. but i think now it would be more feasible..."
regarding the video above: that was our sacramento bike kitchen, reader, and those were our everyday peoples. i love midtown. it's one of the best neighborhoods in california.

*go bulldogs!


  1. Michael says:
    I think I would have [ridden a bike-share bike to high school]. thats a really good idea! But there are some issues. what happens if a bike is lost or stolen? Beyond that, Its All good. I think thats definitely a step in the right direction...

    Lilly says:
    It's a great idea, I love it. To be completely honest I wouldn't have ridden a bike back then, I was far too lazy [when i was in high school]. I think that would be the only snag with a program like this is that a lot of high school students are very lazy and if they have an easier way to do something they are going to take the easy route. However, kids seem to be more health conscious now and more Earth friendly so maybe they would be more into it than I would have been. I don't think bullying or teasing would be much of an issue, especially at schools like Encina where many of the parents don't own cars...

  2. Jamellah says:
    Of course i would of took the bike and used it. This is a great idea, a great way to promote a healthier life style. The students that didn't ride the bike were the people who would be making fun of others, but the students who were different and wanted to make a differences would of used the bike. The bike would of a great example of being healthier...

    Jeff says:
    actually read that the other night and thought it would be a marvelous Idea, but as Michael said what if it is lost or stolen, or even if the bike were to get a flat tire who would be responsible for repairs, and also there are the legal issues that may be involved like who would be responsible if a child is injured while using the bike? Im sure it could all be figured out. I think I would have taken this option when I was in [middle and high] school. I walked from Encina to Arden and delpaso just about every day, so a bike would have made a nice addition to my trip. Getting to school would be different, sometimes it is just far too cold, I have ridden my bike to Grant when it was in the low to mid 40's and it isnt fun. but the warmer months would be perfect. and I do see this as a possibility especially as we become more ecological and as the school budgets get worse...

  3. Hey doll - great song and sentiment. Portland, and my part of town in particular is lousy with bikes. (bike parking in front of the hipster strips around town? check! bike lanes? check! bikes in front of city hall? check!) But this issue of low income access - to transportation, healthy activities, etc? so key. Portland has a bunch of sundays in the summer where streets are closed down to cars so that walkers, bikers, etc can take over. The routes usually go by parks, where activities and music are going on. Last year we went to the one in "east" portland (lower income, less educated, less hipster bike-crazed) but still tons of families were out with their bikes. It was good to see, and so fun. Ada was so proud to have pedaled 4.5 miles on her own. Sunday is our neighborhood's parkway weekend (very excited).

  4. thanks for the newsy comment :) portland is an amazing city, maybe my fave city in the west; too bad it's not in santa monica, lol.