Saturday, April 30, 2011

auntie mame: madcap lady

if you enjoy an uplifting message, snappy musical performances, and stylish art direction in your cinema, then check out auntie mame (1958) . auntie mame is one classic movie moment after another, all strung together with red lipstick and highballs: pithy one-liners, excellent costumes, and old fashioned hollywood bigotry. yuki shimoda's performance as "ito"-- wincing.

in this classic movie moment, young patrick demonstrates some of the worldly knowledge he's acquired under mame's guardianship. poor mr. babcock is no match for the well dressed lady with wit, played here by rosalind russell.

thanks to gusB1 for the youtube video.
mame by rosalind russell, music by dmitiri of paris.

thanks to sav6699 for the youtube video.

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