Monday, March 14, 2011

mid-century discovery

g. haggett, 1962
i had the good fortune to discover my home's original drawings last week, hidden high on a dusty shelf in the garage. i fell in love with my house all over again when i discovered the drawing pictured above because i like to discover good things (who doesn't?) and i like to draw, and because i really dig on midcentury modern design.

that jaunty palm tree in the front courtyard certainly helps too.

we've been in the house for almost a year, and...we haven't actually done anything yet. but we have secured the services of a rather clever fellow and we have been meeting and planning, and planning and meeting. cork floors will be involved. and some heath tile* is going to be in the mix as well. here's something i never expected: extensive discussions about lights. boring.
important, but boring. and dude-- we talk about lighting all. the. time. california's new light bulb laws, blah blah blah, etc etc...i'm all about making green choices, and we are making green choices, but this is not my favorite part of the process. this little discovery of drawings helps to reignite some of the excitement i was feeling about the casa rio project--and it's so much more then this little picture. i found all kinds of blue prints and plans with real information about the house before it was "up-dated" by the previous owners. i am a nerd who loves primary resources.

and, apparently, barbie.
thanks for taking a picture of your dream house mz. anonymous
clearly, you can see the similiarities between haggett's drawing and barbie's dream house** circa 1980. i do believe many consumer preferences are established at a very early age.

see another haggett house at atomic pear's midmo home photostream.

* check out the original lady behind heath ceramics, edith heath-- artist/designer extraordinaire and cool california lady.

**i gave my dream house to a little girl when i was 25, and i totally regret it. 

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