Thursday, July 22, 2010

just doodlin' around

everybody, this is rocky.
we added a puppy to the pack.

doodle dos is named rakim, g's homage to eric b and rakim*. we mostly call him rocky**. he is a midsized labradoodle and will top out at about 30 lbs. tosh is twice as big. they make quite a delightful, muppety pair, all boinging and corkscrew tails.

so far, we are completely charmed with rocky's little ways. he makes soft sighing noises when he gets cuddled and he blows bubbles in the water dish. he is all about cookies, and he really enjoys a good belly rub.  rocky is so cute, it's almost like he's not real sometimes.

g said, "i don't even go for cute stuff. but this dog is freakin' cute."

we have unofficially changed our family name to doodlestein.

* we tend to name our animal companions after favorite musicians. thus, kitties charlie "bird" parker and gray lady le tigre, and doodle uno  peter tosh.
** we also call him little man, bad ass puppy, rakala, rakim doodlestein, rocky racoon, rocky top tennessee, and boo-boo.

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