Monday, March 29, 2010

does this catalog make me look fat?

j.crew catalog, april 2010
hi j.crew,
i have been loving you guys since 1987 when i was a seventh grader and scored a killer rugby shirt with peach and green stripes.  you've come a long way since then, and for the most part, i really love the new, high fashion angle you're working.

the female model in your new april catalog looks like she has cancer and is in the process of dying. she is so skinny. here, she models a pair of matchstick skinny jeans, and they look baggy on her. shame on you.

perhaps you can make HEALTH fashionable and utilize female models with some meat on their bones. it makes me so sad to consider that a brand i have long loved is becoming so damaging in its promotion of skeletal models.

tough love,
coco loco

ps. the male models in this april's catalog are REAL LIFE MEN and look quite healthy-- some are even (cough) older, and others have thinning hair lines. this double standard totally sucks and is, in my opinion, very unfashionable.

real men wear levi's.

 dear reader, if you also have a bee in your bonnet about the ridiculous portrayal of unrealistic body image for women as depicted in the april 2010 j.crew catalog, please let them know:
UPDATE : June 2011jcrew's june 2011 catalog includes real ladies!
real life j.crew employees model the j.crew linen perfect shirt. the june 2011 catalog is mostly young slender modely types-- about a hundred pages of modely types, actually-- but a small one page layout with real life ladies is an improvement over the troubling april 2010 catalog. however, the april 2010 men's catalog was composed of mostly real life men, not just a single page of real men. the odor of unfashionable double standards can still be detected...stinkies.

reader, if you appreciate the addition of real life ladies to the j.crew catalog, please consider sending them a card (or an email). perhaps with some friendly, ladylike encouragement, we can inspire a ground breaking, curve celebrating j.crew catalog full of real life ladies! we'd be delighted to see a j.crew catalog for women composed entirely of real life ladies and real life lady curves, mz. jenna*! do it! shift the paradigm, lady.

*mz. jenna's forbes' profile reports that she made about 4 million dollars in 2009. she should for sure use her powers for good.

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  1. Really great observation. I've become so anesthetized to all of this (or am I since I'm on my bazillionth diet) that I forget how damaging this could (and often) is to young girls' psyches.

    Good on you for emailing J Crew.