Saturday, November 07, 2009

know your audience

we often walk up to sutter's landing for dog oriented recreating on the american river. this part of the river was a little midtown secret before the dog park opened. now it is being used by more folks, which is great generally as the dogs enjoy the river together-- enjoy might be an understatement. unbridled ecstasy is proll'y a better description.

the nice park rangers have turned a blind eye to all of our off-leash activities on the river, but we're still bummed that so many folks don't clean up their dog's poo. and even though it's illegal to drink adult beverages as well, there is a whole lotta adult beverage related litter to be had.

but the city or whomever makes such descisions might want to reconsider the signage at sutter's landing.  

i have never seen anyone mixing up martinis or cosmos at the river.

since lotsa folks are drinking down there, wouldn't "we know you're drinking, but don't be a slob too" and/or "please pick up your dog's poo, we are serious sucka-foo' " signage be more appropriate?

by the way, you don't need to be a privileged and sanctimonious foodie to appreciate that litterbugs eat things like slim jims and funyans, and drink coors outdoors.

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