Monday, August 17, 2009

urban squirrels in my garden

fingers crossed for a lovely sunflower and punkin crop this fall, followed by g's winter crops: beets, various salad greens...the dahlias and zinnias are kickin' out some nice cut-able blooms, and a few of the sunflowers just keep sending blooms out too. we have some regular hummingbird friends. and a super tough urban squirrel.

this squirrel was kickin' it in the garden a few days ago. i went out with my coffee and the paper at about 7:30 a.m. soon as toshy saw the critter, she went cah-razy, coo-coo for cocoa puffs crazy. barking and whining, running along the fence, and jumping as only a doodle can. i gave the little guy a few minutes because i figured she would scare him off. she is, after all, 60 lbs of curly, snarling, boinging labradoodle.

urban squirrel was not impressed, scared, or intimidated. i decided to squirt him with the hose-- not because i have a problem with cocky squirrels. i was just trying to be a good neighbor, and thought perhaps toshy's vocal orchestrations were best limited at such an early hour. it took some good squirting. i had to switch my nozzle from its setting on center to jet before he ran off.

with peace and order restored, i sat down with my coffee and newspaper...moments later i heard frantic woodland-creature chattering, and looked up. the little fella not only came back, but he brought a friend! toshy lost it. i had to grab her by the collar and lead her inside the house. mind you, she was boinging enthusiastically the whole time. this is no easy feat. one's fingers can become twisted, pulled upon, and nearly broken by a squirrel-provoked doodle mania at 7:30 in the morning. reader, i do believe these urban squirrels are trying to pick a fight with us. it's on squirrels. it. is. on.

meanwhile, please enjoy my "before" and "not really after, but in progress & looking cute" pics.

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