Sunday, May 24, 2009

viva la huerta!

wouldn't it be great to plant a subversive vegetable garden on one of the manicured lawns at your apartment complex/ant farm?*

how amazing would it be to start a garden and get your neighbors involved, then have management try to shut it down...and then folks actually getting organized to protest and change the garden culture that exists at big apartment complexes like that-- they typically use lots of chemicals and rarely incorporate permaculture. of course, you could work with management to change the garden culture before civil disobedience and various forms of pro-garden agitation are required.

imagine: organic blueberries and avocados growing outside your door. tangerines and strawberries by the laundry building. chickens next to the tennis court la revolution! viva la huerta!

i wonder if fritz haeg would take on an apartment complex bureaucracy...he did say in his book, edible estates, that he hopes he gets arrested for gardening (awesome). i don't ever really want to be arrested, but i would consider getting arrested for gardening.**

*i say that having lived in an apartment complex/ant farm when i first moved to the sacred city.

**some people in california already get arrested for gardening, but i think that's a different post for a different day.

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